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Ariel can produce your magazine, book or novel with any finish and bind to give you the perfect product.

Brochures, newsletters, product catalogues, magazines or flyers are a useful tool for advancing your business prospects. Magazines, catalogues, and year books can all be printed in almost any size in a wide range of striking colours and designs, to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Work with us to create a booklet that will stand out for you. No quantity is too small, contact Ariel to discuss your needs. Budding writers can self publish their first novel and we will make the process easy for you.

Ariel also can print raffle books as a fund raiser for your club or charity. Talk to us about your needs and ideas and we can make them a reality.
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Useful stuff to know about booklets

Portrait or Landscape
Portrait (vertical) booklets have the stitching and spine on the long edge. This is standard for most magazines, and catalogues.

Landscape (horizontal) booklets have their stitching and spine on the short edge. The pages spread open a lot wider this way, and are perfect for large photos and a non-standard format. It is usually a more expensive way to produce your books if you are on a budget.

A booklet or magazine can be either “self cover” or “plus cover”. Self Cover is where the cover made of the same stock as the text, whereas Plus Cover usually has a cover of a heavier weight stock.

Saddle-stitching uses staples (usually two) to bind the pages on the spine. This is an economical option for booklets as small as 8 pages up to 100 pages, in multiples of 4 pages.
Perfect binding creates a flat spine for your booklets, using glue rather than staples to bind the pages together. Perfect Binding is perfect for magazines and thick booklets from 40 pages upwards.

Spiral Binding uses a spiral wire to bind pages into booklets such as reports, notepads and calendars.
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