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Blank or Printed Thermal Roll Labels

Do you use blank or printed labels? Ariel Print can help. We manufacture a large range of labels for thermal printers.

Our thermal labels are produced with high quality paper with a strong adhesive suitable for fridge and freezer requirements.

Never used thermal labels? Call us and our experts will guide you and make the whole process simple and problem free.

Thermal Direct Roll Labels

Direct thermal printing is a simple method of printing. Speak to the team at Ariel Printing in Adelaide for your supply. Direct thermal labels have a special coating on the surface of the label that enables them to be printed using this method. For direct thermal printing, no ribbon is needed. The labels come in direct contact with the printhead, and the printhead heats up the special coating on the label to produce the printed image. Ariel Printing can produce blank labels to your specifications or preprinted labels with your branding.

Advantages of direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels print on continuous rolls and are highly cost effective for creating simple labels in large quantities. Since they use no thermal ribbon, they’re an environmentally friendly option Direct thermal printers typically cost less to operate than inkjet, laser or thermal transfer printers. And they reduce waste and shipping weight — important drivers of cost and environmental concerns.

While direct thermal labels offer many advantages, they’re not suited for labels that must remain legible for years or survive particularly harsh environments. Direct thermal materials are highly sensitive to light, heat and heavy contact, making them susceptible to fading in the long term. Ariel Printing have many other options for your heavy-duty label applications and can guide you on the selection of the best materials - just keep reading on.

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    Thermal Transfer Roll Labels

    With thermal transfer, the printer uses a ribbon as the mechanism for imaging the label. A thermal transfer ribbon is a thin film that is wound on a roll that has a special black coating on one side. This coating is usually made from a wax or resin formula. Talk to Ariel Printing right here in Adelaide to discuss your options.

    During thermal transfer printing, the ribbon is run between the label and the printhead, with the coated side of the ribbon facing the label. As the ribbon and label pass over the printhead, the heat from the printhead heats up the ribbon’s coating and it is transferred from the ribbon to the surface of the label.

    Advantages of thermal transfer labels

    The reason you would choose thermal transfer labels are print quality, durability of the printed image, and label longevity. They are able to withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents, for example. Usually, thermal transfer labels will last longer and be able to withstand abrasion, moisture, and exposure to UV better than direct thermal labels.

    Talk to Ariel Printing and the team will help you decide what is best for your needs.

    Common applications for thermal labels - direct or transfer:

    • Barcodes
    • Shipping labels
    • Receipts
    • Tickets
    • Produce and product labels.
    • In the medical fields, they can be used for patient identification.
    • Coupons
    • Visitor Passes
    • And much more